Writing and Thinking for the Human Spirit

How is experience understood from one person to the next? How do we recognize what a story is?

What is the difference between fact and fiction, reality and fantasy, truth and lie?  What is the advantage of having a consciousness that prevaricates, exaggerates, fictionalizes, rationalizes? 

No other animal that we know does all these things, and with such aplomb!  Find out something about your very depths as a human being as well as have fun learning about writing styles, from scientific non-fiction to short story and verse, editorial, essay, argument, and the tall tale. 

This is a program for you if:

  • you've always wanted to become a writer
  • you have ideas that are difficult to express
  • you have a job that requires communicative writing
  • you are a student who needs to learn how to write
  • you simply love the written word

This program includes attendance at a public lecture in The Haven Auditorium on Friday and Saturday evenings.

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