Teens Alive: Youth Leadership Training

Aug 06 - Aug 07, 2020

This training is for those currently enrolled in the Haven Youth Leadership Training Program, with an intention of broadening their experience and knowledge of transformational personal development. Participants must have previously attended at least one Teens Alive program and this training is mandatory for Teens Alive youth interns.




In addition to being a requirement for Interning or Assisting Teens Alive, this training wil be particularly beneficial for the participants in their personal lives and for integrating leadership skills in all dimensions of their education and careers. 

Provides participants with learning, experience and application in:

  • Essential foundations of individual and group facilitation
  • Body, breath and energy techniques
  • The art of Heuristic learning
  • Individualized personal growth opportunities
  • The theoretical foundations of personal development

This programs begins at 9:30am on the first day, and finishes at 6pm on the second day.

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