Haven Toolkit - Victoria

Nov 02 - Nov 02, 2019

Try something different!

This special Haven Toolkit is a great way to whet your appetite for what Come Alive has to offer.

A Haven Toolkit: Meaningful Connections

Much has been said about the apparent disconnection and isolation of our society today.  The finger has been pointed in many directions, including changing family make-up, global seismic changes, and the advent of social media.

So what is meaningful connection?  What does it look like, feel like?  How do you reach out and connect?  How do you know when you ARE connected?

This one-day fun and interactive workshop will help you to better understand the many faces of connection; and create meaningful connections with yourself, others, and the world we live in.

We think you'll leave wanting more! 

There will be opportunities to ask about our flagship program, Come Alive, and find out what The Haven has to offer.

Some of the topics we'll be exploring, you can read about The Haven's models in The Haven Ideas in Action.

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