Jul 23 - Jul 26, 2020

Making friends with your Self

The joy and good humour of self-compassion stand in contrast with the harshness of self-hate. This program explores both ends of this polarity.

The program will benefit anyone who has tried to be the person they "should" be and, in the process, lost touch with the person within. It offers an expansion and exploration of The Haven's Selves Model that is presented in Come Alive. (But you do not have to have done Come Alive in order to take this program.)

This program is for you if you:

  • Recognize self-harming patterns in your health or relationships
  • Have found outward success but inner emptiness
  • Experience destructive addictive tendencies
  • Experience self-hate
  • Care for others, but not yourself
  • Want to become your own best friend

Using music, guided imagery, gestalt, art, stories and other experiential forms, you will have an opportunity to learn about the paths that lead you away from yourself, and explore paths that can direct you towards self-acceptance. There will be opportunities to explore blame and victimhood, patterns of striving that lead to self-hate, and a variety of ways we can move toward self-compassion.

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