Sample & Social: Boundaries

May 19 - May 19, 2021

Do you notice how much of your daily life involves defining your boundaries?  What and who to say “yes” to or “no” to?  Do you sometimes lose track of your own limits and overdo or confuse your priorities?  Or feel guilty about what you have done or not done?

You are not alone.


Schedule & Format:

  • Wednesday, May 19th: 6:30-8:30pm PT.

This 2-hour online social will feature:

  • Brief presentation about boundaries by Linda Nicholls
  • Experiential invitations to explore your own boundaries by the FAM Studios team
  • Opportunities to mingle and chat with others about boundaries
  • Q&A with Linda Nicholls

We'll be using Remo, an interactive online platform that allows participants to 'choose their own adventure' by navigating around the room. You'll be able to choose which tables to go to and who you'd like to meet and chat with. You'll be invited to participate in experiences and games that are more reminiscent of in-person events. Learn more about Remo and the FAM Studios team here.


Registration & Bring a Friend: 

Sample & Socials are all about building community and having fun while learning in creative spaces. Your sliding scale registration comes with a FREE spot to bring a friend!

Pricing for this 2-hour event starts at $10. We hope you will contribute what you can to help us offer these connective events.


About Remo & Tech Reqs:

Remo is an interactive, online platform that fits well with group work and prosocial activities. It puts choice back into your hands to create a more engaging experience. To optimally participate, we require that you join the platform from a computer as Remo is still in beta for phones and tablets. Using the Google Chrome browser works best.

Before registering, please test your cam and mic by following this link:

Test your cam, mic and speaker by clicking the pink "Test" buttons. You may need to give your Chrome/Safari browser permission to use your camera and microphone.

You will be invited to join the event a few minutes early for a quick tutorial and tech support.



About the  Sample & Social Series


We're launching a new series - Sample & Social - offering opportunities to get a taste of various topics in conversation with friends, old and new.  These online gatherings will take place in Remo, an alternative to Zoom that allows for new and additional ways to interact and participate. Each month, we'll announce a new topic or theme and invite you for sampling and socializing! The focus is always community engagement, fun, and informal learning. For each event in the series, when you register, you'll receive a coupon for a free registration for a friend. 


We're excited to be partnering with Fam Studios to offer these low-cost socials. The magic behind Fam Studios is Florence, Annika, and Mackenzie, young members of the Haven community who expertly use their creativity and diverse skill sets to host outstanding online events.