Psychology of The Chakras

Apr 03 - Apr 06, 2020

An accelerated path to developing and deepening personal and professional relationships.

This program imparts the knowledge, develops the skills and cultivates the awareness needed to grasp the overall character traits of an individual.

This is done through the assessment of character structure as expressed in the body. The method views the body through the lenses of the chakra system, Bioenergetics and developmental psychology. This method is based on the work of international teacher and award winning author, Anodea Judith of Sacred Centers.

Psychology of the Chakras is presented by Brad Cassidy, a certified graduate of Sacred Centers, assisted by Kelly Price, a certified yoga therapist and teacher. This method offers an accelerated path to developing and deepening personal and professional relationships. It is especially applicable to anyone who regularly meets new people and wishes to meaningfully connect with them.

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You can expect to learn:

  • The basics of the chakra system and Bioenergetics
  • The fundamentals of body energy dynamics and character structure
  • How to read and interpret the physical manifestation of the body energy system, including blocks, splits, chronic holding and more
  • The fundamentals of the chakra system as it relates to early development, life-long individuation and present behaviour
  • A detailed investigation of each chakra and the character structure usually associated with it
  • The ability to synthesize the knowledge gained in this program to better understand, empathize, and connect, with others
  • An understanding of one’s own chakra balance and character structure through a guided self-analysis of the body energy system

This is a highly experiential program designed to offer both an intellectual understanding and a body felt sense of the material. Principal forms used are: verbal and visual presentations, Hatha yoga (Including pranayama, asana, mantra and meditation), Bioenergetics, Haven-style breath-work, dialogue, Q&A’s, demonstration and a concise manual. Generally the program will flow through cycles of opening exercise, presentation, small group experience and large group time for integration.

Reading Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith is strongly recommended before this program, but not required. No previous experience of yoga required.



This program does not require approval by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training.   As such, the registrar did not review this program.