Process Oriented Conflict Facilitation


Sitting in the Fire with a Cool Head

Conflict is natural and, with proper facilitation, can bring us much closer to ourselves and each other.

Conflict is everywhere; in our bodies, our relationships, at work, in our organizations, and in our world. Yet there is so little facilitation, and without facilitation conflict can become chronic, painful and destructive. We need to learn to sit in the fire of conflict without avoiding it, and have a cool enough head to be able to be facilitative with ourselves and with others. This program will offer training and practice in working with conflict using process oriented methods and first and second training methods.

This program will focus on:

  • Basic conflict work methods – my side, your side, nobody's side
  • Second training methods – dancing with conflict
  • Building relationship and community through conflict
  • Rank, power and conflict
  • Working with extreme conflict and heat
  • Focusing on internal conflict – symptoms, our problems with others, and the world
  • Developing our eldership as facilitators
  • Conflict in relationships, groups, and organizations
  • Four-phase work and conflict

This program is relevant for students, therapists, organization members, facilitators, business and political leaders, and anyone who would like to have a better relationship with conflict in their lives.

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