Photography and the Search for Meaning

Oct 25 - Oct 27, 2019

Creating a visual essay.

This workshop is intended to provide an opportunity to use photography to discover our selves, to investigate in a visual way, our place in the world and the meaning that shapes our lives.

For many of us, the act of making a photograph is one of assigning meaning to a situation or event. We photograph our families, our friends, things we are impressed with and that we think other people might like to see.

These aspects of making photographs sit on the surface of what can be a profound and compelling exploration of life. Our pictures reflect our desire to record what is important. Photography can also be a tool we use to delve deeper into finding the answers to bigger questions.

Our intention will be to explore our relationship to the world around us, the landscape, other people, our past experiences, our hopes and fears. We will find new ways to relate to our work, to each other and help each other to explore the role of photography in the discovery of meaning.

During this workshop you will be offered informed critiques and a basis to extend the depth of your work. You will walk away with renewed confidence and an unshakable focus. You might even solve the question, why am I here?

It is not a technical workshop. Our focus will be to use our photography to create a visual essay. You will be offered the opportunity to create a series of photographs that express your own unique view on a topic that has import. You will be guided and supported through this process by the community that we will become. We will help you discover the threads that already exist in your work, help you to refine and extend them into a body of work that expresses your ideas and observations in an integrated visual essay.

You may use whatever equipment you are comfortable with, film or digital, your images and their content are what is important.  This workshop is limited to 12 participants and is highly interactive.  You will need to do some preparation and will be provided with details at the time of registration.

The program includes 10 one hour online sessions as well as a one day follow up gathering at a location to be announced.

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