Personality Styles: Understanding Ourselves and Others

Nov 08 - Nov 11, 2018

This program provides an introduction to assessment of personality styles based in object relations theory of personality development as an approach to understanding people.

Participants will learn how to recognize the basic personality patterns and through practice, effective ways of connecting and working with others. Because we see self-awareness as the starting point for effective relationship, each participant will begin by assessing their own personality pattern. This course is useful for everyone. Students working in the fields of group leadership, coaching, mental health, addictions, business team leadership or any settings where people interact will find this course of particular value.

Students in the program will:

  • Recognize the basic personality patterns
  • Learn important and effective therapeutic interventions
  • Understand their own and others' ways of moving through the world
  • Increase their leadership competence

This program includes presentations and discussion, as well as demonstration and practice. Students are encouraged to look at their own experience to develop understanding of working successfully with others.

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