New Horizons Phase III Part A

Nov 01 - Nov 13, 2017

New Horizons Phase III is designed as the integrative, conceptual complement to Living Alive Phases I and II. 

It is an exploration of the many concepts by which each person is defined and consequently defines him or herself. Through understanding these ideas, and identifying and questioning their own assumptions, participants can broaden the options available to them in creating their own world. The program is intended both for people wanting to further their own personal growth and for health professionals, teachers and other “people helpers” wanting to broaden and deepen their theoretical framework and skills.

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine. The philosophy of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine is very different from Western thought. It offers a different perspective for the application of healing practices to one’s self and to others.
  • The Body and its Energy. An in-depth presentation of the theory and practice of various body-oriented therapies introduces participants to concepts and experiences of energy blockage and release. The implications for illness and health will be addressed.
  • Methods for Change. A variety of techniques will be presented and practiced, such as gestalt, group dynamics, psychodrama, bioenergetics, bodywork and communication skills. This will be useful both to those who work with people as helpers and in participants’ own growth process.
  • Lively Discussions. Readings, presentations and experiences will provide material for discussions in which participants can use one another as “sounding boards” to help clarify and share their ideas and assumptions about life.

The program consists of daily lectures and discussion sessions, skill practice, smaller group time plus some reading and films. Learning is both conceptual and experiential. Although a reading list is provided, each person will decide how much or how little to read. Although it is highly recommended to take this program following the Living Alive Phases, it can be taken at any time, bearing in mind individual needs, requirements and capabilities.

For participants who cannot take a full 25-day program at one time, the program can be taken in two parts, Part A and Part B. Part A must be taken before Part B. 

Note: Any participant who has already completed Living Alive Phase I, Living Alive Phase II or New Horizons Phase III can repeat the same program for the full 25 days, and receive an $800 discount. Contact the registrars for more information (1 800 222 9211 x 1).

Related resources

This program is a mixture. First, it is about questions. The Big Questions.

  • Why do we exist?
  • What is life about?
  • Are our brains really in charge?
  • How does quantum theory relate to me?
  • Does eastern philosophy have anything to do with the modern me?
  • How do the body, mind and spirit work? Is there spirit?
  • What part of me is in charge?
  • Is there meaning in life?
  • What if there is no meaning?

So many different viewpoints. What is the right one? Who is telling the truth? Does truth exist? Is there a goal to get to? What is healing? What am I doing as a helper? Who is thinking all this? Do I exist?

It is about ideas. Trying on various thoughts and concepts from the grand thinkers of our time. Learning how they saw people. While asking yourself, "What is reality?"

It is about learning through practicing - bodywork, communication, breath and psychodrama - any and all of it. Experimenting with each other to see what you learn, asking and telling as you go and bringing it all back to share with others. It is about learning about your assumptions - about the world, about yourself, about people - and standing forth and declaring yourself. Finding who you are at your core in the foundation of your beliefs.

This reading list is intended to help you to start the process long before you reach the session room. The books have been well chosen to give you a wide invitation to explore the big questions, to stretch your thinking, to bump into your own limitations as you learn new ideas. We strongly encourage reading as many as you can, even if it means browsing through them to get a ‘feeling’ of what we are going to explore. You won’t be sorry.


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