Living Alive Phase II Part A

Nov 03 - Nov 15, 2019

Investigate who you really are and how you live your life.

The 25-day Living Alive Phase programs offer you a chance to investigate who you really are and how you live your life and relationships.

The 25-day Living Alive programs offer you a chance to investigate who you really are and how you live your life. In a supportive and respectful environment, you will be offered experiences designed to heighten your awareness of your physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual self. The understanding you gain in these programs will enable you to make more informed decisions about yourself, your life and your relationships, and to live your life more fully.

The Living Alive programs are for people who:
Want a deeper understanding of themselves
Want to enrich the sources of meaning in their lives
Feel stuck in old patterns of behaviour that are destructive or no longer useful
Are at a point of change
Want to engage more fully in their lives

People who take the Living Alive Phase programs have experienced transformation in their professional as well as personal lives. The programs provide take home tools to improve communication and relating, which can assist in conflict resolution, team building and leadership.

Living Alive Phases I and II are two parts of a whole and are normally taken in sequence. For participants who cannot take a full 25-day program at one time, the Phases can be taken in two parts, Part A and Part B. Part A must be taken before Part B.

If you haven't seen it, check out this video with Ernie and Cathy McNally talking to Bob Owen and Ruth Emerson about Living Alive Phase II

Living Alive Phase II focuses on how we see ourselves, how other people see us, and the ways we establish and maintain our relationships. The program is designed to give you a deep experience of yourself as you interact with others, whether in close and intimate encounters or more casual ones.

During this program, you will have opportunities to:
• Discuss relationship issues such as commitment, dependence and independence, jealousy, vulnerability and defensiveness, security and self-discovery.
• Invite a partner to enroll in the three-day Relationships section of the program (Part B only, see for description), or work with a partner from the Phase group.
• Examine your relationship to gender, sexuality, sensuality, intimacy, spirituality, and personal strength
• See yourself as others see you and try out new ways of presenting yourself, using video and group feedback

This program involves extensive work in the large group, including time for self reflection, and work with partners, plus regular evening small-group sessions. A wide range of activities is offered in a safe and respectful environment where personal choice is always respected. Participants also have the opportunity for individual appointments with the program leaders.

We recommend that you take the full 25-day program. However, if that is not possible, we offer the Living Alive Phase programs in two twelve-day parts (Part A and Part B), which can be taken at different times. Part A must be taken before Part B.

This program is approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training.   

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