The Journey to Self


An exploration of self and family using the Satir Method

This Satir-based program is an exciting opportunity to utilize your resources and let go of what no longer supports you.

Virginia Satir created a number of healing and integrating processes to help make sense of ourselves and each other. Her objectives were personal growth and congruent communication, helping individuals to become "more fully human". This involves appreciating our past and the resources we developed as we grew up in our family of origin. Satir processes allow us to give full expression to the resources we wish to utilize, and to let go of or transform learnings that are no longer useful to us.

In this program you can:

  • Gain clarity about your identity, autonomy and boundaries
  • Gain deeper recognition and acceptance of your self and others
  • Learn to be self-responsible
  • Let go of learnings that no longer fit
  • Take risks in exploring new ways of living
  • Experience the freer flow of your life energies
  • Achieve your highest potential

Satir processes incorporate psychodrama, gestalt, guided imagery, sculpting communication stances, and methods of accessing the unconscious. Work is done in group and in triads. Maria Gomori is the world's leading practitioner and teacher of Satir processes.

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