Intuitive Healing

Feb 03 - Feb 08, 2020

This extraordinary program bridges the gap between the intellect and intuition, and offers a fascinating mix of metaphysical and scientific self-solution healing techniques.

Enjoy unbelievable freedom by:

  • Knowing how your personality affects your reality
  • Unleashing hidden mental intuitive healing powers
  • Improving relationships and enjoying greater intimacy and passion
  • Learning how your mind can heal your body
  • Saying goodbye to stress and anxiety
  • Tapping into your 'internal counselor', your 'inner genius and guidance system'
  • Having life changing dreams whether you are asleep or awake

This five-day program includes Dr. Phil Winkelmans's exclusive Tools for the Soul® Kit. Activities include mind/body/spirit, healing techniques; journaling, art movement and stories; individual and group opportunities for sharing and self-reflection; breath, visualizations and image-streaming processes. 

"None of my theories ever came through thinking about them...

Problems can't be solved at the level where they exist...

Imagination is more powerful than thinking."  Albert Einstein



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