Inner Wisdom: Finding the Goddess Within

May 28 - May 31, 2020

These three luscious days are intended to re-kindle the sensual, intuitive, and creative parts of each of us. 

Creativity, intuition and sensuality are latent human capacities within each of us, perhaps underdeveloped or dormant.  Together these three qualities can be described as inner wisdom.

Our senses connect us with the world providing limitless information about our environment, 
if we notice. 
Our intuition understands our world more deeply than just with our conscious reasoning, 
if we listen.
Our creativity allows us to imagine and form something new and valuable, 
if we dream. 

Our invitation is to connect consciousness, heart and body through a series of creative explorations, digging into rich and ancient archetypes and the many faces of goddess.

Each day of the program will include physical movement for all ability levels, group and individual work, creative expression and interaction with nature (either outside or your own inner nature).

You will have an opportunity to learn tools to access your own timeless and intuitive wisdom.  Loosen and unwind in nature, let your mind untangle in the wind, expand your breath with sea air and walk the forest trails at The Haven on beautiful Gabriola Island.

This program is for you if you would like to access:

  • More creativity
  • More embodiment
  • More fun
  • More sensuality
  • More capacity to access your inner resources
  • More ownership of your desires
  • More mind body spirit integration
  • More trust in your own knowing

Please join us if you identify as a woman.   This is an inclusive and boundaried space moderated with respect and consent.

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