Giving Voice

Apr 26 - Apr 28, 2019

Our vocal sound is a unique signature of who we are. The more we learn to accept, embrace, value, love, our own vocal sound expression, the more we necessarily open to the sounds in our world – like how a visual artists looks at a landscape, or how a sculptor looks at shapes.

We are born to make sound. And yet many of us were told as children to be quiet; or that we shouldn’t sing because we can’t “carry a tune.” Moreover, since the advent of language we tend to confine vocal expression to speaking, or to those who are deemed “singers.” And many of us are disconnected from the communal magic of spiritual chant – like humming, "ah" sounding, and overtone chanting. Therefore some of the most powerful and liberating ways we can both express ourselves vocally, and connect with one another, can seem inaccessible.

Because sound is so intimately connected with listening, it calls us into a more reciprocal relationship with our environment. As we explore how we can use our voices consciously, we open to the power and magnificence of our own unique vocal signature.

Together we will create a safe, enlivening, playful and nurturing environment to explore the voice as a vehicle for self expression; as a powerful vibrational healing medium; as an ancient and universal channel of belonging; and as a portal to deepening presence and awareness through its exquisite counterpart: listening.

This program is for you if:

• You are curious about the power of the voice as a vehicle for healing and transformation.
• You are shy about your voice and want to let it out!
• You want to step more fully into your expressive potential.
• You feel blocked vocally and yearn to find your voice – literally and metaphorically.
• You want to explore in community the power of uniting with our voices.

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