The Gift: Learning to Love and be Loved in Return

"Faith is the felt assurance of the continuity of life"

                            ~ Bennett Wong, Co-founder of The Haven

All of life is an incredible gift to learn to give love, to receive love, to search and to find a felt sense of well-being and faith in the continuity of life.

Most of us can learn to give love but many find it difficult to receive love. Only through loving relationships can we come to know and understand ourselves and the basic bond that connects us as caring and compassionate human beings.

However different and diversified we claim to be, there isn't a human being on this planet who doesn't long to be seen, heard and understood within a loving relationship. But loving can only be reclaimed through direct experience, one relationship at a time. The challenge is ours and the time is now.

From our many years working with individuals and couples we believe behind the everyday fears, tensions and roles, there are two souls longing to reach out, to become known and loved, not for what they do, but for who they are. When people find it difficult to receive love it's usually because they feel unworthy, unwanted or not good enough. To compensate for this false belief they tend to take care' of and please their partner and, in so doing, often neglect their own self care and create resentment and distance. The tragedy is that they will never come to know or understand one another. 

One of our clients went straight to the heart of the matter when she asked her partner, "how can you love me if you don't know me?"

This seminar is for anyone wanting to experience a relationship that is more loving, open, authentic, compassionate and life-enhancing. It is about opening our minds and softening the places in our bodies that won't let love in.

Drawing from the experience of our own fifty year relationship...

we will invite participants to examine how their potential to love and be loved can be interrupted through the interruptions of their own relational journeys. We will introduce time-tested methods and resources that make it possible to gently dissolve restrictive beliefs and become partners in the creation of an open and loving relationship. Everyone has the capacity to replace negative inner judgments with compassion, resilience and self care.

The Gift offers three days of exploration and practice in creating loving, caring and lasting relationships. With Drs. Gerry & Judith Fewster. While the journey will be influenced by group experience, the following topics will be covered.

  • Identifying the interruptions that keep our love in cold storage.
  • Reconnecting with our repressed love through breath and body awareness.
  • Integrating our lovingness into our sense of Self.
  • Learning how to contain and express our 'loving' without losing ourselves along the way.


The Gift offers a variety of time-tested methods and tools for giving and receiving love. They include:

  • Establishing and maintaining clear personal boundaries
  • Creating and maintaining contact through energetic attunement
  • Providing an accurate mirror for your partner without judgment or intrusion
  •  Communication practices that keep the relationship open and connected

Conducted in a climate of safety and respect, The GIFT is a unique combination of principles and practice drawn from the professional work of Gerry & Judith Fewster and their own fifty-two year relationship. It is intended for any individual or couple seeking to enhance the quality of their relational lives.