Family Reconstruction


A process of transformation developed by Virginia Satir

Satir Family Reconstruction is a powerful opportunity to update the past and reduce the negative impact of early experiences and learnings.

The objective of the three-generational Family Reconstruction process developed by Virginia Satir is to revisit one's family roots and to meet with and understand our parents (or major childhood care-givers) as people, instead of seeing them only in their stereotyped roles. Letting go of what is no longer useful provides the freedom to make new choices and access deeper recognition and acceptance of your self and others.

In this program you can:

  • Discover your parents as real people
  • Appreciate and connect with your family roots
  • Update the past and reduce the negative impact of earlier experiences
  • Let go or transform learnings that are no longer useful for you
  • Clarify distorted or limited perceptions and deal with unmet expectations
  • Move beyond survival pain towards active growth
  • Access your inner resources and become your own responsible choice-maker

The Journey to Self is a prerequisite for this program. Contact the registration office if you have any questions (1 800 222 9211 x 1 or 

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