Embracing our Hidden Selves

Jun 02 - Jun 07, 2020

Are you stuck repeating unwanted patterns in your life? …Living from an old story that is no longer benefiting you?  …Looking for a sense of meaning and purpose in your life?

This course will examine the universal and individual search for deeper meaning in life. Through play and experiential exercises, you will learn about integrating your relationship with your past, setting intentions for your future and learning to appreciate the role both play in the service of living fully in the present.

Topics will include:

  •        The power of intention: What is it that I really want?
  •        Finding your own eldership energy: Tap into your inner wisdom
  •        Exploring deeper, hidden and disowned aspects of yourself to revitalize your energy
  •        Projection in relationship: Why we react to each other and what we can do about it
  •        Re-imagining family structure and the influence of ancestry on our present-day lives
  •        Metaphors & language: The unconscious messages we send when communicating
  •        Identifying and appreciating the resources you have developed to both survive and thrive
  •        Setting your own roadmap and intentions for the future.
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