Embodiment Boundaries and Consent

Jun 19 - Jun 22, 2020

Moving from doubt into confidence and joy

Are you unsure of what you really want? Do you have trouble deciding or sticking to your decisions?  Making a choice, then clearly expressing it—including our boundaries and limits—is challenging. It’s an important part of life that is not often taught or learned when growing up.

Good news! In this experiential program, you will discover and develop a source of great wisdom you can tap into. By attuning to your ‘inner world’ of body and being, you will learn to recognize this guidance even when your ‘outer world’ is noisy or chaotic. From there, you can make clear decisions and express yourself to others. The result: you will have a reliable method to make calm, conscious and solid choices – and to respect and accept others’ choices as well.

The freedom and creativity that comes from living an embodied life with clear choice is striking. More energy, passion, pleasure, joy—less paralysis, seriousness and weight.

Everyone can benefit from this program. If any of these fit…there is something here for you:

  • I procrastinate because I fear making the wrong choice
  • I would love to have a clear sense of “yes” or “no” when I need to make a choice
  • I worry that others will reject or leave me if I say what I really want
  • I analyse and overthink everything – and often feel numb or dead inside
  • I hate the discomfort of making decisions—so I rush to pick something, just to get it over with
  • When I say no, I feel guilty – and so I say yes, although I don’t really mean it
  • I have avoided making decisions all my life – now I must – and I’m terrified
  • I have no idea what I really want! And I wish I knew how to figure it out…
  • I keep quiet and let others make the decisions – and am often unhappy

You will leave with skills you can apply anywhere. We draw on Haven concepts, The Wheel of Consent®, and more. References and resources provided.

Please join us. Bring your curiosity and willingness to be surprised…and to have fun!