Developing Insight with Gestalt

Aug 06 - Aug 09, 2020

In this invigorating, ‘hands-on’ program, you will learn about the art and practice of gestalt, a classic experiential form of self-discovery and an effective tool for “completing the circle” of unresolved life issues.

The term gestalt refers to a practice or exercise sometimes referred to as ‘two chair work’; a school of psychotherapy; and the concept of wholeness of a picture or situation.  We examine all three, with most time focused on gestalt as an exercise.    We explore both the technical aspects, and the more subjective elements, in using this approach effectively.  Creative twists combining other techniques will also be addressed. 

Students in this program will:

  • be able to recognize, and guide several different types of gestalt exercise.
  • develop your skills in leading gestalt exercises.
  • learn the value of shifting from a technical exercise to an embodied, illuminating process.
  • learn what to do when there are unique twists or unanticipated results.
  • develop greater insight to your own issues, blind spots and challenges.

Who will benefit:

This program will benefit clinical counsellors and group leaders, seekers and guides: anyone who is looking for effective and embodied techniques for working with self and/or others.