Couples Alive I: Foundation

Jun 23 - Jun 27, 2019

Communication and Boundaries

The Couples Alive series is for people in primary relationship who want more, and are prepared to go beyond the familiar to find it.

The more we have at stake in a relationship, the more challenging it can be to speak and listen. Unaddressed misunderstandings, unspoken wishes, and recurring struggle-points can become the breeding ground for score-keeping, distancing, and resentment.

A mutual pathway to connection is fundamental to identifying stumbling blocks and laying the groundwork for a dynamic, enduring primary relationship.

This program begins with an in-depth exploration of communication from a distinctly couples perspective. As well, a variety of breathing and body-awareness experiences help build a foundation for connection and growth. Each couple then applies their learnings to the 'boundary-ing' process – identifying and expressing wishes, wants and preferences – and exploring the impact and possibilities of this self-definition for their relationship.

This program is for couples who want to:

  • Deepen intimacy
  • Practice essential couples' communication skills
  • Bring greater understanding and clarity to daily conversations
  • Distinguish between boundaries and walls, and value both
  • Learn to identify and express preferences
  • Experience the impact of right/wrong and the possibilities of agree/disagree
  • Increase awareness and understanding of behaviours and defenses
  • Recognize and transform entrenched family rules and patterns

Please Note

  1. The Couples Alive programs have been specifically designed to be taken in order. We recommend that you take the programs in sequence.
  2. This program, Couples Alive I, is a prerequisite for all other parts of the series.


  • $500 per couple on your second program, if you take more than one Couples Alive program in the same year
  • $250 per couple if you bring another couple



This program does not require approval by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training.   As such, the registrar did not review this program.

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