Communication Intensive: From Fundamentals to Mastery

Nov 12 - Nov 15, 2020

Communicating and connecting when it really matters.


This intensive program delves deeply into The Haven’s Communication Model...and beyond! Master the fundamental skills that underlie all communication.

In our lives today — at home, at work, in our communities and the world — the need for mastering respectful dialogue is both important and urgent. The health and well-being of all of us depends on it. We believe when people are willing to engage fully and communicate self-responsibly, lives are transformed. The Haven’s Communication Model  offers a doorway into communicating and connecting when it really matters.

Dialogue—a conversation with a centre, not sides—is a transformational way of bringing people together in relationship. It allows us to reach new understanding and find a new place from which to think and act together—even when we have different points of view. In genuine dialogue we go back and forth, see and hear each other, yet remain centred in our own existence. Dialogue requires slowing down, mindfully expanding our awareness, engaging our empathy and curiosity, and cultivating skillful listening and speaking.

This practical, in-depth program is for anyone looking to more effectively communicate and improve their interpersonal communication skills in any setting.

This program is for you if you want to...

  • communicate more directly and clearly and improve your relationships at work, with friends, family or with loved ones
  • learn new ways to more confidently navigate and stay present in difficult conversations, conflict and other challenging situations
  • expand your self-awareness, think more clearly and communicate with more empathy and clarity
  • learn to be more curious and a better listener
  • find your voice and overcome self-censorship
  • let go of the “blame game” (of yourself and others)
  • receive valuable feedback from others about your communication in a supportive environment

Program Highlights:

  • 4-day/3-night weekend program
  • Experiential learning with experienced leaders and team
  • Opportunity to learn and connect with others in a group setting
  • Support and coaching to explore your assumptions, get clear on your intentions, look at the impact of your communication and make new choices
  • Practice! Practice! Practice!
  • Discover new ideas about dialogue and generate new possibilities in communication that matters to you
  • A deep dive into Haven’s Communication Model, whether you’ve used the model before, or are exploring using it for the first time.

Join us.

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