Breaking the Bonds of Karma

The Transforming Power of Intention

The ancient path of spirituality begins with a question: Ko hum? Who Am I? 

As the yogis of old delved deeper and deeper into this question, layers of apparent reality began to melt away and a vision of Truth began to emerge.  The apparent reality of the Human Personality came to be seen as a construct of past actions which result in habit patterns that colour one’s world view.   This is the law of karma - we act in accordance with the patterns that we alone have created - and while the momentum of past karma can seem overwhelming and unchangeable, the yogis found a way to break free and left us with detailed guidance and the promise that future suffering can be avoided!

In this program we will delve deeply into the true nature and understanding of karma and the patterns or samskaras that karma creates.  We will free ourselves of the misunderstanding that our karma is either good or bad through the cultivation of contentment (santosha) and right understanding.  We will experiment with a host of ancient, proven techniques for inner transformation.  We will deepen our capacities for shaping our future through the Power of Intention (salkalpa shakti).

This methodology for inner transformation was developed over thousands of years by the spiritual scientists of the Himalayas.  Our work will be fully founded in and supported by the guiding texts and philosophy which they left to guide us.

This program is for you if:

•    You experience suffering in your life AND you wish to do something about it

•    You feel trapped in the patterns of your life AND you would like to learn proven tools for sustainable change

•    You wish to understand your relative self and your true Self

Each day of the program will include physical movements for all ability levels, breathing exercises, meditation, practical lectures, group discussions, contemplative walking and/or journaling in nature.

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