Anatomy and Expression Workshop II

Aug 23 - Aug 26, 2019

Pattern Interruption: Armouring and Tissue Patterns of Defence

Inhabit your inner landscape, experienced through the world of anatomy and physiology.

This program is for anyone interested in exploring their inner landscape through the world of anatomy and physiology.  Using the integrated teachings of various contributors to somatic psychology, we will blend theory and experiential learning to open up to the world of soft tissue patterns. 

Learn how:

  • cell function is a template for individual and group identity
  • your posture, expression and meaning-making are shaped from infancy and embedded in the tissues of your body
  • how sensation impacts embodiment
  • myofascial ball rolling can awaken your sensory being

You will work with breath, touch and movement as you explore how to apply each learning experience into your personal and professional practice.  Ideas will be presented sequentially, each providing a solid foundation for skill development.  An online follow up is included.

This is a two part series:

Workshop I: Identity and Structure: Energetic Organization of the Body

Learning themes include:

  • Cells and identity
  • Sensory awareness and the conditioning of response
  • The physiology of stress / tension / relaxation
  • Shape and movement
  • Charge and structure

Workshop II: Pattern Interruption: Armouring and Tissue Patterns of Defense

Learning themes include:

  • Inhibition, habit and addictive cycles
  • Physiology of the contract/withdrawal cycle
  • ‘Too much’ and the distortion of pattern response
  • Character structure
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