Act Natural 1

Aug 21 - Aug 24, 2020

Rediscover the play in Life!

Awaken your creativity and sense of aliveness and purpose in this unique workshop that blends actor-training techniques with Haven concepts of connection and relationship.

Acting on stage requires the ability to call on different aspects of one’s personality and emotional life to tell the story with truth and clarity. This is something we all do in life: We play roles, put on different hats, and behave in specific ways in order to achieve our goals. Through scene work, improv, and body-centered techniques, you will connect with your inner resources in a directed and purposeful way. You will learn to better identify and implement your creative and problem-solving resources in an environment of connection, collaboration, and community – with an emphasis on spontaneity and fun.

People who lead, teach, facilitate groups, or engage in public speaking find this program especially helpful in enhancing their skills and minimizing stage fright. Individuals enjoy personal growth and transformation in a fun and unique way. Couples find renewed connection and co-creativity as they expand and grow together in an environment that encourages openness, curiosity, and freer self-expression. 

Please know that absolutely no prior acting experience is necessary! This program is all about process, imagination, and tapping into your sense of play. There is no final performance, but rather an exploration of expression, communication, role-playing, and trusting your creative instincts.

In Act Natural, you will:

  • Enhance focus, presence, and confidence
  • Connect to yourself and others with clarity and compassion
  • Identify obstacles that block creativity and self-expression
  • Tap into your inner resources in aid of communication, connection, and effective engagement
  • Experience the fun of creative collaboration and storytelling

This program does not require approval by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training.   As such, the registrar did not review this program. - What's this?