2020 Vision

Celebrate New Years Eve at The Haven

Join us for a chance to gather in community and review your past year. Set yourself on the path for clarity of vision for 2020.

*NEW* this year, programming will begin at 7:30pm on Dec 30th, which means a full day of programming! We will wrap up at noon on January 1, sending you off into 2020 with a clear vision for your year ahead...

Great conversations with other fabulous participants, a variety of creative exercises, breathing, movement and a toast to the New Year at 10pm with plenty of time to visit, dance, and hang out after!

Kristina and Louise would LOVE the pleasure of your company in this opportunity to clear the past year, plan the next year and connect in the transition between.

The tuition is by donation.  The first $50 goes to administration.  ALL other proceeds go to Financial Aid to bring people facing financial barriers to The Haven in 2020.

Have a great time, open opportunities for others!

  • This program is for you if:
  • You want to be with people in a meaningful way
  • You want to mark the changing of the year with friends, old and new
  • You want to support Haven’s Financial Aid program
  • You are looking for inspiration for 2020
  • You are coming to Come Alive or Calibrating True North on January 1, 2020
  • You want some new perspectives