Play with Clay

Get grounded and re-energize yourself!

Clay is a tactile medium. It is ideal vehicle for enabling us to understand our sense of the skin and its sensitivity to depth and balance. Our relationship with the sense of touch - our haptic sense - connects us on a fundamental level to both the outside world and our inner self. The acknowledgement of these senses helps our consciousness and gives us the ability to stay grounded in our environment.

In the Play with Clay workshop, participants will work from a liquid to a firm mass of clay placed within a wooden box, which will provide a secure framework for communicating emotions with the hands. Working with a palpable material like clay invites the expression of our inner self and enables us to communicate emotion without the need for words.

In this workshop, the only tool required is your hands. The experience is purely tactile. This is a time to re-energize yourself by getting muddy and grounding yourself in our mother earth.

Don’t forget to bring your garden clothes!