People Skills: Understanding Ourselves and Others

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We all have a personality – our own style of being in the world.  Better understanding that style, as well as understanding the personality styles of others, can open a window to a deeper understanding of people.

In this introduction to personality styles we’ll explore how the process of human development in relation to others begins in early childhood. Our personality patterns – the ways we relate to other people and to situations in our adult lives – are shaped by our family experiences as well as our biology.

Participants in this program will have the opportunity to learn more effective ways of connecting and working with others, and to find a deeper experience of compassion for themselves and others along the way. We see self-awareness as essential to developing effective relationships. Participants will be invited to both explore their own personality patterns and to learn to see those patterns in others. By including both self and other we can learn more effective ways of connecting and engaging with other people across the range of personality styles.

This course has broad applications. It is particularly useful for those working in the fields of group leadership, coaching, mental health, addictions, business teams or any setting where people interact.

Program participants will learn:

  • To better understand their own and others’ ways of moving in the world;
  • More effective ways to relate to and work with others in teams and personal relationships;
  • Concrete tools and skills for coaching, counselling and leadership;  and
  • How to get past common personality stereotypes and connect with others beyond our differences and defenses.

This program includes presentations, discussion, self-reflection, role-plays and a range of experiential opportunities. It’s stimulating, intensive, intimate and fun – a rich three days.  

Participants will be encouraged to look at their own experience with new understanding and self-compassion in order to further develop their understanding of and skills in working successfully with others.

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