ONSITE Living Alive Essentials: Meaningful Connections

A rare adventure into the depths of relationship and discovery in this time of change and uncertainty.  

Are any of these statements true for you?

  • I want to develop greater self-awareness of how I establish and maintain relationships – close, casual, and professional.
  • I want to learn how others interpret and experience my relational style.
  • I am going through a transition involving others and am unsure what happens next.
  • I want to discover how I respond to topics such as commitment, vulnerability, and security.
  • I want to build relationship skills and shift patterns of co-dependency, jealousy, defensiveness, etc.
  • I want to examine and explore my beliefs and biases around gender, sexuality, sensuality, intimacy, and spirituality.

 If you can relate to any one of these, this immersion program may be a perfect opportunity to discover how we see ourselves, how others see us, and how we are in relationships.

What’s Different About Living Alive Essentials?

Living Alive Essentials: Meaningful Connections is an opportunity to move consciously from social distancing and isolation into thoughtful connection and shared learning.  Like a typical Living Alive (Phase) program, the Essentials Series will take place on The Haven’s waterfront over 25 days and will be challenging, adventurous, deep, fun, revealing, poignant and enlivening.  

In response to our current global context, The Living Alive Essentials series offers an added focus on our shared health, as well as a reorientation in how we can live our lives amidst change, upheaval and uncertainty.  The program will hearken back to our roots in the 70s and 80s when The Haven experience offered deep exploration and connection rather than a focus on resort amenities and other features.

The Haven and all participants will be following rigorous health and safety protocols to protect the wellbeing of all of us: our participants, facilitators, staff, and local community.  Specific health and safety measures related to this program are: 

  • A small group size, including leadership team. Registration will be capped at 16 participants.
  • Private rooms and special meal arrangements.
  • Modified exercises and interpersonal work.
  • Outdoor sessions and increased incorporation of fresh ocean air wherever possible.

All participants will be required to agree to new protocols upon registering for the program, including remaining on campus for the duration of the visit. Our gift shop will feature an expanded selection of common products and necessities. Participants will also have access to delivery from Gabriola’s Online Farmer’s MarketGulf Island Food Transport, and others.


Accessibility and inclusion are important to us. We're offering package pricing at a 30% discount off the typical cost of a Living Alive program. Get all your meals, private accommodation, and 25 days of programming for $6,240 +tax.