ONLINE: Teens Alive

Teens Alive is now going ONLINE! For over twenty years, Teens Alive has been a life-enhancing program loved and valued by teens and appreciated by their parents for its positive impact. Participants are often so moved that they return year after year, with many continuing on to become Teens Alive Youth Leaders.

Long-time members of the leadership team, Annika Raithby and Mackenzie Dickson, have designed and created a virtual platform for Teens Alive under their new venture, FAM Studios. Building on the connectivity that’s possible with online services like Zoom, their new Studio brings interactivity to the next level, allowing for participants to navigate and move through a virtual space, much like they would in an in-person session room. We’re excited about this cutting-edge technology and we think your teens will be too!

Founders of Teens Alive, David Raithby and Linda Nicholls, will also be joining to offer their expertise and participants can find support from members of our Youth Leader team too.

Teens Alive Online is for individuals 14-19 years old, and will run online during the below dates and session times. These sessions will include discussions in small groups, presentations of models, and a range of activities.

In addition to the Fam Studio session room, there is also an online lounge, where participants will be able to have open and unstructured time to connect with each other. This lounge will be hosted by a member of our leader team.


Meet the Team and Get a Tour of the Tech

Learn more about the online version of Teens Alive, see the new interactive platform in action, and meet the leaders and youth interns who will be supporting participants this August! 


Teens Alive Online 1:

Thursday, August 6th & Friday, August 7th

  • Facilitated sessions: 2:30-5pm and 6:30-9pm PT
  • Optional, informal, and supervised connection time: 9-11:30pm

Teens Alive Online 1 offers an opportunity to:

  • connect with others, hear their stories, and be listened to by others
  • discuss a wide range of personal and social challenges with topics like school, family, relationships, friends, social media, and conflict
  • learn and practice useful guidelines for communicating and navigating through these challenges
  • become more comfortable speaking directly and clearly
  • develop stronger self-esteem and self-acceptance
  • explore what it means to be you and how you relate to others

TAO1 Investment: $300

Participants can register individually for Teens Alive Online 1, or register for both Teens Alive Online 1 and 2.

Register HERE for Teens Alive 1 Online.


Teens Alive Online 2:

Monday, August 10th, Tuesday, August 11th, & Wednesday, August 12th

  • Facilitated sessions: 2:30-5pm and 6:30-9pm PT
  • Optional, informal, and supervised connection time: 9-11:30pm

Teens Alive Online 2 offers an opportunity to:

  • explore a range of emotions and become more comfortable being uncomfortable
  • explore how you defend yourself and hold yourself back from more connection
  • practice giving and receiving direct feedback with others
  • dive deeper into how we see the world around us and create our sense of self
  • discuss a wide range of personal and social challenges with topics like self criticism, self compassion, loss, sexuality, and conflict

TAO2 Investment: $450

Teens Alive Online 1 is a prerequisite for Teens Alive Online 2. 

Register HERE for Teens Alive 1 & 2 Online.


Creating a Supportive Environment & Confidentiality

Teens Alive Online fosters an environment that allows young people to explore more openly and deeply than might be usual. In order to create this safe space we ask our participants to agree to keep confidentiality; to not talk about others’ experiences or stories, and to not record any parts of the session.

Technical Requirements

This online program will be hosted using one or more virtual platforms. Each participant must be equipped with a computer, the Google Chrome browser and reliable internet connection. Tablets and Smartphones are not compatible with many of the interactive features we will be utilizing. Your teen will be invited to a brief orientation at noon on August 3rd or 4th to learn about our software. Attending one of these orientations is mandatory to get the technical support out of the way before the program begins. If you are unable to attend either of these times please email to set up a time. Prior to registering, please use this link below to test your software compatibility with the Fam Studio.

Parent Information

We will be offering a Parent Question and Answer session on Tuesday, August 4th at 6pm PT for 30mins. This is a chance to talk with the leader team and ask any questions you have about the program itself or the Fam Studio online session room. The Zoom link to the Parent Q&A will be emailed out on August 3rd to all registrants.