ONLINE: Exploring Boundaries

Boundaries!  Their impact is inescapable and one of the most challenging processes there is.  There are so many dimensions to establishing healthy physical, energetic, emotional, psychological and psychic boundaries.  

We each have boundaries with others and with the world around us, as well as boundaries and limits within our self.    

Blurred boundaries lie at the root of stress, anxiety and heartache.  Stress, anxiety and heartache lie at the root of blurred boundaries. 

Spend an early evening communing online to explore and dialogue about discovering, defining and expressing boundaries. 



In this 2-hour online exploration on Zoom, Linda Nicholls will offer:

  • information about discovering, defining, and expressing boundaries
  • opportunities to connect with others around specific topics
  • group discussion and Q&A
  • a brief experiential exercise

Discerning, expressing and dialoguing about personal boundaries strengthens our ability to live more compassionately, to access creativity, energy and aliveness so that we enjoy greater intimacy and clarity in our personal and work relationships. 


Wednesday, December 30th, 6-8pm PT


Accessibility and inclusion are important to us. Together with the facilitator, we are pleased to be offering tiered pricing. Please select the price that best fits your context.

  • Supported – $19, made possible by our generous supporters
  • Regular – $39, standard tuition price
  • Pay-It-Forward – $59, helps support another participant to join


Technical requirements

This online program will be hosted on Zoom, a video conferencing software that is free for participants and easy to use on a variety of devices. You will need to have a device (desktop computer or laptop recommended; tablet or smartphone can work too), reliable internet connection, and sound capabilities (headset recommended; built in or external microphone or speaker systems can work too). You will be invited to join the call up to 30 minutes early to receive technical support.

Note: The link to join the call and Haven Online How-to guide will be emailed to participants the day before the program. All registrants will receive a reminder email the day of the program as well.