ONLINE: Communication Intensive

Practicing Difficult Conversations

The Haven’s Communication Model offers an effective framework for dialogue and a doorway into communicating and connecting when it really matters.

"The only sensible and intelligent way of resolving differences and clashes of interests, whether between individuals or nations, is through dialogue." – The Dalai Lama


We live in challenging times – times asking us to pay attention to what really matters and come together in dialogue.

This intensive online program delves deeply into The Haven’s Communication Model and the fundamental skills that underlie all communication.

The need to make space for respectful dialogue is both important and urgent in our lives. Our health and well-being, and the health and well-being of our world, depend on it.

When people are willing to engage fully and communicate self-responsibly, our differences can be respectfully explored and our lives transformed.

Dialogue—a conversation with a centre, not sides—is a transformational way of engaging that brings us together in relationship. It allows us to reach new understanding and find a new place from which to think and act together—even when we have differing points of view. A genuine dialogue involves going back and forth, seeing and hearing the other, yet remaining centred in our own existence and deeper selves. It requires slowing down, mindfully expanding our awareness, engaging our empathy, caring and curiosity and cultivating skillful listening and speaking.

This in-depth, online program is for anyone looking to improve their communications and willing to be supported and coached individually to communicate more effectively in any situation, including in challenging conversations. That’s why we’re purposefully limiting the program to 14 participants.

"I think communication skills are absolutely key to healthy relationships. We can always learn new skills and be reminded to actually use those skills, practice, practice, practice!!" - Julaine, Communication participant


This experiential program is for you if you want to...

  • communicate more directly and clearly
  • build more authentic relationships with those closest to you and those you work with in your work and community
  • expand your self-awareness, think more clearly, and communicate with more empathy and clarity, even in times of conflict
  • be more curious and a better listener
  • find your voice and overcome self-censorship
  • stay more confidently present in difficult conversations, from navigating the ever-changing landscape of the Covid-19 pandemic to talking about issues like systemic racism and the climate crisis
  • receive valuable feedback from others about your communication in a supportive environment

You may find this program especially useful if…

  • you want more support and practice communicating in difficult situations
  • you enjoy digging deeper, learning new skills, and engaging with others
  • you’ve got specific conversations you want to engage in, and want to practice, get feedback and gain confidence

Program Highlights:

  • five 2-hour online sessions
  • two weeks for real-life practice supported by a private Facebook group and with a communication accountability buddy
  • support and coaching from experienced leaders to explore your assumptions, get clear on your intentions, look at the impact of your communication and make new choices
  • connect with a learning community and support others in dialogue
  • opportunities to Practice! Practice! Practice!
  • new ideas about dialogue and how to use those ideas in communications that matter to you

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"Sometimes [I] fear communicating and yet, we all did a great job together because of the expert support of Cathy and Jane. After the course I felt settled, uplifted, my feelings are more accessible instead of stuffed underground; and I am home in my body." - Communication participant


This program spans 3 days over Zoom, an online video conferencing platform.

Each of these sessions will include breaks:

  • Friday, July 24th, 6-8pm PT
  • Saturday, July 25th, 10am-12pm & 2-4pm
  • Saturday, August 8th, 10am-12pm & 2-4pm


Accessibility and inclusion are important to us. Together with the facilitators, we are able to offer tiered pricing on this program. Please select a tier that fits your budget and current context. Often, employers will sponsor, support, or reimburse for professional development programs like this one.

  • $229: Supported – made possible by our generous supporters
  • $329: Regular – standard tuition price
  • $429: Pay It Forward – helps support another participant to join

Technical requirements:

This online program will be hosted on Zoom, a video conferencing software that is free for participants and easy to use on a variety of devices. You will need to have a device (desktop computer or laptop recommended; tablet or smartphone can work too), reliable internet connection, and sound capabilities (headset recommended; built in or external microphone or speaker systems can work too). You will be invited to join the call up to 15 minutes early to receive technical support.
Note: Your Zoom link and Haven Online How-to guide will be emailed to you the day before the program. All registrants will receive a reminder email the day of the program as well.