ONLINE: Anxiety & Beyond...

Even before COVID-19, people talked about anxiety as a growing challenge for themselves and others in their life. With COVID-19, almost everybody has experienced some level of isolation, uncertainty, overwhelm, and what might be called helplessness, all of which are the hallmarks of anxiety. 

How well you respond to these challenges determines your health and wellbeing, and whether you are able to contribute meaningfully in the world. 

This event, ‘Anxiety and Beyond’, addresses the current high level of individual and societal anxiety and, more importantly, explores how we can go beyond anxiety into transformative and life-affirming understandings and actions. 


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Helplessness and uncertainty are part of life, and anxiety is an elevated energy that happens as a result.  In reaction to these challenges, we tend to contract into a smaller existence and to hold ourselves there.   

Anxiety and Beyond offers the choice to move ourselves into a more expanded and open response, even in the face of such difficulties. 

It is a question of our awareness, acceptance and attitudes about our current reality.  We can move beyond our reactions to become more response-able in the face of our fears and anxiety. To do so we are called to engage moment to moment, to expand our awareness and choices, and to express our full depth and range of being alive.  

‘Anxiety and Beyond’ assists in first managing anxiety, and then in its transformation, in moving beyond.  

 This 4-hour event explores a truly unique and fulfilling perspective on anxiety, while offering valuable information, vital connection with others, practical and usable “take-home” tools, and a mix of creative, embodied and experiential learning opportunities. 


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In Anxiety & Beyond, you will: 

  • Question and explore ideas about anxiety, and contribute your own 
  • Engage with others in an encouraging and meaningful way  
  • Learn to be more present and aware, and to expand your capacity for elevated energy 
  • Learn tools for moving from the contraction of anxiety to being more open, responsive and expanded in life 
  • Open the door to what waits for you beyond your own anxiety 


Anxiety & Beyond is for you if you

  • are open to a more expansive approach to your anxiety 
  • are willing to stay in uncertainty 
  • keep an open mind and heart 
  • will participate as fully as you are able 

You may find participation more challenging if you are: stuck in your point of view; wanting change without taking action; and/or are in crisis (this is not meant to be a counselling session). 



Sunday, November 15th (PT):

  • 9:45am-10am Tech Support
  • 10am-12pm Morning Session
  • 12-1pm Lunch Break
  • 1-2 Optional online Anxiety Cafe
  • 2-4pm Afternoon Session



Accessibility and inclusion are important to us. Together with the facilitator, we are offering tiered pricing. Please select the price that best fits your context:

  • Supported – $ 79, made possible by our generous supporters
  • Regular – $99, standard tuition price
  • Pay-It-Forward – $119, helps support another participant to join


Technical requirements:

This online program will be hosted online using one or more video conferencing applications. You will need a desktop or laptop computer, reliable internet connection, and sound capabilities (headset recommended; built in or external microphone or speaker systems can work too). Please note: due to the new interactive  online platform we’re piloting, smartphones and tablets are NOT recommended. You will be invited to join the call up to 15 minutes early to receive technical support.


Meet the Team: 

Our program facilitators, Jennifer Hilton and David Raithby will be joined by an all-star support team. Meet this dynamic and highly-skilled crew:


Jennifer CEC, DipC, Owner, Take The Next Step Coaching, is an empathetic relationship focused coaching practitioner and facilitator. Her passion is building healthy relationships and enabling people from all walks of life to reach their maximum well-being and potential. Her professional background includes developing leadership programs and transforming organizational culture. Jennifer has a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University and a Diploma in Counselling and Group Facilitation from The Haven. Jennifer is a Haven Coach and Speaker and also co-leads Transforming Anxiety & Stress, Online: Anxiety & Beyond... and Communication Intensive: From Fundamentals to Mastery (formerly Dynamic Dialogue).


David, DipC MEd RSW, seeks to encourage transformational presence in all aspects of one’s personal and professional life. He has worked locally and internationally with individuals, groups and businesses for over 45 years, and is a senior faculty member of The Haven on Gabriola Island.  David has led Haven’s flagship ‘Come Alive’ program for 25 years, as well as many workshops of his own design. He also co-leads Couples Alive, and has co-authored the book ‘Living With Passion’, with Sandey McCartney, his life and work partner of 36 years.


Solanna (MA) is a workshop facilitator with a background in writing, embodiment and sex education. She manages the Anxiety Cafe on social media and has been assisting anxiety courses at the Haven for the last four years.  She is certified in Counseling Skills (Haven), Journalling Facilitation (Centre for Journal Therapy) and Somatic Sex Education (Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality).


Scott is a Haven intern working toward his Diploma in Haven Group Facilitation (Dip HGF). Scott first came in The Haven in 2009 for Come Alive and participated in Transforming Anxiety & Stress the following year. Since 2015 Scott has become part of the program's leadership team, sharing his transformative experience with dozens of others to help them reframe and shift their own relationship with anxiety.  Scott lives and works in Victoria, BC as a contractor and musician along with his 2 kids. ​


Laurel is a dog-mom, introverted people-person, mac and cheese enthusiast, and loves to learn about the brain and nervous system. She resides in Coquitlam with her husband, and is currently working remotely as a clinical counsellor. Laurel is on a lifelong, professional and personal journey, on embracing and living with anxiety. 


Annika has been assisting and facilitating group workshops for over a decade. She has a Diploma in Child and Youth Care and is in the process of completing a Diploma in Counselling through The Haven. She has many talents, including hair and makeup, and has worked in salons, adventured on film sets and beautified many brides. Annika’s  aim is to create spaces and communities where people can be vulnerable and connected in a meaningful way. Her vision is to support people to get to know themselves and make the changes they want to see in their own lives, their communities and the world. 


Jailin is working towards her Certificate in Haven Counselling Skills and has a Master of Disability and Communities Studies. Her career has been focused on human services. Jailin values creating a space where people can grow, connect and heal in relationship.


Jenna is an MSc. candidate researching trans- and multi-generational effects of stressors on gene expression, physiology, and behaviour in an animal species. She is a passionate facilitator and instructor and has held leadership positions in science communication organizations and a crisis intervention service.


Sarah is a professional actor, educator, and workshop facilitator, co-leading Act Natural at the Haven with Jane Geesman since 2000. The Haven has been a place of vital learning, growth, and connection for her since participating in her first Come Alive in 1995. She blends concepts from her theatre background and many years at the Haven, helping people to engage and express in their lives with clarity and conviction. Sarah is a senior faculty member at The Actors Conservatory at Artists Rep and a Resident Acting Artist at Artists Rep in Portland Oregon.  She is a proud member of the Screen Actors Guild and Actors Equity.


Sue is a lover of deep connection, the wild, windy world, and passionate, soulful creating of all kinds. In her practice as a counselor she shares with individuals, couples, families and groups. She has been coming to Haven since 1993 and works now as an assistant with a willingness to engage, a generous spirit, and as much curiosity as she can muster.