Neuroscience of the Bullied Brain

Abuse occurs across the board in all organizations from schools, to sports, to religion and to the workplace.

Daily we read headlines about the latest abuse scandals that are tearing apart the lives of individuals and ruining the reputations of organizations and those who run them. When these stories are put side by side over the course of time, it becomes apparent how similar they are in terms of abuse done, administrative failure to stop it, and highly negative repercussions for individuals and the organization. The epidemic of bullying and abuse has infected our society and to date the cure eludes us.

This workshop offers a new remedy.   Participants will:

  • Learn a world-first approach to abuse grounded in positive psychology and neuroscience
  • Gain a more informed understanding of how abuse impacts brains
  • Examine case studies where abuse has been enabled and covered up
  • Approach these case studies with the evidence-based R8 System 
  • Discover why leaders in the field, who are excellent administrators, find themselves enabling abuse they believed they would never tolerate when they originally took their position

The R8 system is grounded in neuroscientific research in order to learn a different way to educate stakeholders, identify abuse and its impact, respond to reports and maintain a brain healthy culture.

Changing culture does not happen overnight.  It takes time to dismantle an entrenched belief system and to support people as they journey from a normalized world of bullying and abuse to a new way of operating by means of empathy, compassion and mindfulness.


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