Moving into Connection

Exploring Attachment through Authentic Movement

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In this innovative and effective program you will use authentic movement to explore and address your attachment and relationship patterns.

This program is for people who:

  • Are interested in learning more about attachment patterns
  • Enjoy exploring movement as a vehicle for personal growth 
  • Wish to gain insight into their significant relationships
  • Are in the helping professions, working with individuals, couples, families, and work teams

The nature of our early attachment, or emotional bonding, to our primary caregivers creates a blueprint for our ability to connect to others throughout our lives. Most of us find ourselves somewhere on the continuum of secure to insecure attachment in our significant relationships. Current research in attachment theory indicates that when we become aware of our attachment issues, we can improve our ability to negotiate the challenges of close relationships.

Authentic Movement explores the relationship between a person moving with eyes closed, and a person witnessing that movement with eyes open. The mover is invited to listen deeply and respond to an inner impulse, allowing energy from the unconscious to be expressed in movement. The witness brings a specific quality of attention, or presence to the experience of the mover. This form allows participants to engage directly in the experience of being seen and seeing. The experience of feeling seen is fundamental to healthy attachment, and therefore Authentic Movement readily lends itself to the exploration of attachment issues.

This program will be primarily experiential, but will include a theoretical component. Drawing on Daniel Siegel’s work in Interpersonal Neurobiology, Diane Poole Heller’s Dynamic Attachment Repair, and Sue Johnson’s Emotion Focused Therapy, participants will have the opportunity to identify their own attachment patterns. Using the Authentic Movement form, we will work as mover and witness, in dyads, and as a group, to explore and integrate our experiences and insights.

No previous movement experience is necessary.

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