Haven Unplugged: Giving Back

Volunteer at The Haven!

Haven Unplugged is an opportunity to give back to The Haven by volunteering your time and skills for special projects around the property.

In the evenings process sessions are facilitated by Haven faculty member Louise Amuir.

The program begins on the evening of the first day. Work is carried out in teams during the day on a variety of projects. Work teams will either be assigned in advance or on the first evening.

We can offer various kinds of work according to skills, interest and ability. Please let us know when you register what skills and interests you have and if there is any kind of work you are not able to do.

SPECIAL PACKAGE FOR UNPLUGGED:  We offer shared accommodation, meals and facilitated evening sessions for a total of $220 (excluding taxes) for the whole Unplugged.  Disregard the standard statement below that room and meals are not included, for this program they are part of a package.