DROP IN: Journey Beyond Anxiety Feb 2nd Session: Emerging Creative Expression with guest, Sue Muirhead

What if your anxiety, stress or fear wasn’t an obstacle or a burden on the path of life?  What if it was an invitation to embark on a journey beyond your wildest dreams?

Join us and journey into what lies ahead, beyond anxiety, stress and fear into engaging, expressing and expanding possibilities for more vibrant living.


Emerging Creative Expression with Sue Muirhead

This Journey Beyond Anxiety session is the second last session of a series that began in December last year, during which we explored many ways to manage anxiety, stress and fear and offered experiences and tools to help move from the contraction of anxiety into the expansion of your life force energy.  Fulfilled, vibrant and passionate living is not anxiety-free; it requires that we engage moment to moment, expand our awareness and choices and express our full depth and range.

Emerging Creative Expression is being offered as an adventure into possibilities to:

  • Open yourself and find meaning in experiencing the mystery of the unknown and unexpected
  • Spark your energy and creativity
  • Challenge yourself to move beyond your expression comfort zone
  • Step away from overthinking and perfectionism
  • Move beyond resistance and avoidance
  • Let go of set ways of thinking and believing
  • Get in touch with the emerging 'now'
  • Expand capacity to embrace feelings and own them
  • Become more embodied (present, grounded, energized, relaxed)
  • Build connection with yourself and others

Mystery is at the heart of creativity. That, and surprise. -- Julia Cameron

In this session, through Sue’s artful facilitation, you will be invited to explore creating without the pressure to perform, produce or succeed through a Process Art experience.

Sue will guide you through some basic understandings of this process and how this exploration may help with expanding beyond anxiety and the illumination of personal insight; allowing for both a sense of calm and tapping into what she calls your ‘life spark’. It’s all about free expression, getting in touch with your creativity, following your intuition, letting go of a set outcome, going with the flow and discovering what emerges in the moment.

This does not require you to have any artistic ability or experience. This does require you to bring something to express yourself with and on. Anything goes and here is a basic list:

  • Blank paper of any kind (larger than 8 x 10 is recommended)
  • A variety of coloured - felt markers, water colour markers, crayons, pastels, water colour paints, tempera paints, chalk, conte crayon, etc…

This will be a place where you can feel fully alive and creative, a place where you can express and explore.

During this session, you will have opportunities to:

  • Flex your imagination and let your creative energy emerge
  • Clear out blockages – experience more inner freedom
  • Practice letting go/loosening your grip on perfectionism or overthinking
  • Allow feelings to naturally arise and be expressed
  • Practice non-judgmental witnessing and acceptance of yourself and others
  • Be surprised by spontaneous moments of mystery, wonder and awe
  • Share vulnerably at your own comfort level

You will encounter other ‘travelers’ on this journey.  Some may have been along for the journey since December, some will be new arrivals.  You can expect to learn about and connect with others, share experiences, engage and expand in experiential activities, relax, reflect and have fun!

As many travelers do, we encourage you to journal your experiences and keep track of what you are learning and potentially unlearning!

Are you ready to embark?

These sessions are for you if you:

  • are open to a more expansive approach to your anxiety, stress and fear
  • are willing to embrace uncertainty and step into the beyond and unknown
  • are willing to expand your comfort zone
  • keep an open mind and heart
  • will participate as fully as you are able

You may find participation more challenging if you are: stuck in your point of view; wanting change without taking action; and/or are in crisis (these sessions are not meant to be counseling).


Tuesday, February 2nd: 6:15-8:00pm PST


Drop in for a single session for $39.

Technical requirements:

This online program will be hosted on Zoom, a video conferencing software that is free for participants and easy to use on a variety of devices. You will need to have a device (desktop computer or laptop recommended; tablet or smartphone can work too), reliable internet connection, and sound capabilities (headset recommended; built in or external microphone or speaker systems can work too). You will be invited to join the call up to 15 minutes early to receive technical support.