Skills development

This week-long program is designed to support the ongoing development and integration of Compassionate or Nonviolent Communication (NVC) into every aspect of life.

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Nov 24 - Nov 27, 2017

In this program, you can learn to grieve fully and responsively. Rather than a destructive and inhibiting experience, grieving can be growth-enhancing.

Listening deeply is about listening for what is essential, beyond what is being said or heard, and can enable impactful engagements and connection.

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Aug 04 - Aug 07, 2017

Act Natural is a dynamic, deeply personal opportunity to expand your range of expression and reconnect with your sense of aliveness and creativity.

Nov 09 - Nov 12, 2017

Why do people say and do the things they do? This program demystifies everyday struggles and psychiatric diagnoses.

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Conflict is natural and, with proper facilitation, can bring us much closer to ourselves and each other.

Aug 20 - Aug 26, 2017

Satir Family Reconstruction is a powerful opportunity to update the past and reduce the negative impact of early experiences and learnings.

This program offers practical methods to become more empathic, curious and loving, at the same time as strengthening your own sense of self.

Oct 26 - Oct 29, 2017

If you are ready for a career change but uncertain of your direction, this program is for you!