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Mar 13 - Mar 15, 2020

We are more connected than ever before, and yet many of us feel disconnected from ourselves, from meaning in our lives, and relationships.

Sep 17 - Sep 20, 2020

Are you depleted after a busy summer? Struggling to settle into fall? Looking to align with the change of seasons?

Mar 19 - Mar 22, 2020

This program offers seasonal practices that celebrate your body’s innate intelligence, and the significance of being in alignment with nature.

Aug 21 - Aug 24, 2020

Awaken your creativity and sense of aliveness and purpose in this unique workshop that blends actor-training techniques with Haven concepts of connection and relationship

Apr 02 - Apr 27, 2020

The 25-day Living Alive immersion programs are exciting opportunities to investigate who you really are and choose how you live your life.

May 07 - May 10, 2020

It has been largely overlooked and undervalued in our culture.  In this program, you learn to grieve fully and responsively.

May 18 - May 21, 2020

This 3-day program combines teaching and experiential learning about the discovery and effective implementation of the boundary-ing process.

Aug 17 - Aug 23, 2020

This Satir-based program is an exciting opportunity to utilize your resources and let go of what no longer supports you.

Apr 02 - Apr 05, 2020

This program provides an expanded perspective and increased choice in recovery from various addictive behaviours, by integrating 12-step and Haven models.

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Jun 05 - Jun 07, 2020

Gain clarity in your relationship in order to make healthy decisions while regarding one another with dignity and respect.

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