Life issues

Join us to learn how to support your resilience by safely connecting to your body and breath.

Join us to dig deeper into the why behind unconscious bias. In this experiential 90-minute session, we will be guided by Amil Reddy, a Diversity, Equity

Boundaries!  Their impact is inescapable and one of the most challenging processes there is.  There are so many dimensions to establishing

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“Grief ripens us, pulls up from the depths of our souls what is most authentic in our beings.”

– Francis Weller

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Even before COVID-19, people talked about anxiety as a growing challenge for themselves and others in their life. With COVID-19, almost everybody has experienced some

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The year is 2021. Our world, constrained by a pandemic, has become ever more “connected” via the internet. Yet many of us have never felt more lonely and isolated, as if

A rare adventure into the depths of relationship and discovery in this time of change and uncertainty.  

May 12 - Jun 06, 2021

A rare adventure into the depths of self-awareness and discovery in this time of change and uncertainty.

Many people say The Haven was “the missing link” in their recovery from a variety of addictive behaviors. 

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This session is an introduction to the popular Anger, Boundaries & Safety program at The Haven.