Jun 25 - Jun 28, 2020

An interactive and experiential program for diverse men of all ages and stages to explore and redefine their roles, relationships and sense of purpose.

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Mar 13 - Mar 15, 2020

We are more connected than ever before, and yet many of us feel disconnected from ourselves, from meaning in our lives, and relationships.

Aug 31 - Sep 25, 2020

New Horizons Phase III is the integrative, conceptual complement to Living Alive Phases I and II.

Apr 03 - Apr 06, 2020

This program imparts the knowledge, develops the skills and cultivates the awareness needed to grasp the overall character traits of an individual.

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May 18 - May 21, 2020

This 3-day program combines teaching and experiential learning about the discovery and effective implementation of the boundary-ing process.

Apr 02 - Apr 27, 2020

The 25-day Living Alive immersion programs are exciting opportunities to investigate who you really are and choose how you live your life.

Jun 18 - Jun 21, 2020

Conflict is natural and, with proper facilitation, can bring us much closer to ourselves and each other.

Aug 08 - Aug 11, 2020

Teens Alive has been offered at The Haven for more than twenty years and is an extremely popular program, with many teens returning year after year.

Jun 11 - Jun 14, 2020


This intensive program delves deeply into The Haven’s

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Mar 01 - Mar 06, 2020

Come Alive is an opportunity to revitalize your life, discover and activate your resources and realize your full potential.