Body and movement

Mar 08 - Mar 11, 2019

Inhabit your inner landscape, experienced through the world of anatomy and physiology.

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Feb 28 - Mar 03, 2019

Healing is movement. If you put your body in motion, you will change.

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Mar 03 - Mar 08, 2019

The ancient path of spirituality begins with a question: Ko hum? Who Am I? 

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Oct 25 - Oct 28, 2019

An inspiring and rejuvenating weekend of ancient Ayurveda and Lifestyle.

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Jun 28 - Jul 01, 2019

Camino Divina Adventure Into the Divine is a gentle, yet enlivening walking meditation retreat that will help you explore a richer, deeper relationship with the

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Sep 27 - Sep 29, 2019

Greater aliveness - Deeper connection - More confidence

Jun 06 - Jun 11, 2019

Outdoor adventure - kayak paddling, hiking and nature adventure! 

Outdoor family fun, kayak paddling, hiking and nature adventure! 

Aug 09 - Aug 11, 2019

Outdoor fun, kayaking and nature adventure! 

Nov 21 - Nov 24, 2019

The Yoga for Trauma program focuses on how the practices of yoga can address the physical, psychological and spiritual challenges of addiction recovery.

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