Body and movement

This program offers a holistic, evidence based approach to cultivating resilience that integrates contemporary trauma theory, attachment theory, trauma-informed yoga

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Jul 10 - Jul 12, 2020

The forest is the therapist. The guide opens the doors.

These three luscious days are intended to re-kindle the sensual, intuitive, and creative parts of each of us. 

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We're excited for our second annual Haven-hosted gathering for folks aged 19 to 35, interested in creating a more connected, passionate, and caring world. This

Jun 05 - Jun 07, 2020

An inspiring and rejuvenating weekend of ancient Ayurveda and Lifestyle.

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Nov 19 - Nov 22, 2020

This program integrates the traditional wisdom and science of yoga therapy, contemporary neuroscience, and trauma theory to explore how the practices of yoga can address

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Aug 14 - Aug 17, 2020

The fastest way to quiet the mind is to put your whole self into motion. This practice invites you to follow your feet and to listen to the wisdom of your body.

Sep 17 - Sep 20, 2020

Are you depleted after a busy summer? Struggling to settle into fall? Looking to align with the change of seasons?

This program offers seasonal practices that celebrate your body’s innate intelligence, and the significance of being in alignment with nature.

In this innovative and effective program you will use authentic movement to explore and address your attachment and relationship patterns.

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