Calibrating True North

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What gives your life meaning? What do you value?​

‘People talk about the meaning of life; there is no meaning of life – there are lots of meanings of different lives, and you must decide what you want your own to be.’ Joseph Campbell

Find your answers to these questions and learn the tools to put your answers into action in this workshop.

Life can easily become a flurry of reacting to other people’s expectations. Obligations, responsibilities, and unconsciously chosen paths can each take us a little farther away from who, at heart, we think we are, or perhaps once were.

Using a variety of creative, intuitive and introspective exercises you will be able to answer the question ‘what gives my life meaning?’ Sharing these experiences in a group setting will inspire you to set out on your own individual journey.

Clarifying what you cherish, the next steps become the easiest steps to take. This workshop will also help you understand how and why you stop yourself and provide strategies for moving through these blocks. You will go home with the tools to repeat this process whenever you find that your life has changed, when what was once meaningful may no longer be.

Life is short, make it count.

This course is for you if:

  • You don’t know what you want from life
  • You don’t know what life wants from you
  • Your life is in transition
  • You are looking for inspiration to choose a new life path
  • You want to rekindle joy and enthusiasm for your life

"I feel calm, clear and decisive for one of the first times in my life."  Leslie - workshop participant

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