Week 7: Dianne Anderson

Morag Ruckman writes about Dianne Anderson: I sure miss the days of working in reception with Dianne – she taught me about speaking up for myself, having boundaries and not taking life too seriously.  I valued these lessons although the customers may not have!  During the 1–3pm break the ‘doctor is in’ sign would go up (well, there wasn’t actually a sign) and Dianne would hold court with everyone that came by to see her.  The other thing Dianne loved was her stationery – special pencils, post it notes, felt pens, etc.  Over the years her office space shrank and she wouldn’t hesitate to let everyone know that she had been reduced to the ‘cart’, which she took with her to whatever work station she was at.  We had many good times, she made coming to work something to look forward to.

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