Week 6: Denise Dancing

Denise Goldbeck writes: It is too bad that it is a bit dark, but it does bring back the old days. I like the way the salad dressings are showing in the corner and that they haven’t changed. I was there with children and I think a child was dancing beside me but is not shown in the picture. I think the child is Adera Angelucci (her mom is Karen Angelucci) who is now grown up and is friends with me. She is a lovely young women – about 30 now. I think we were dancing to a medley of Amazing Grace and Swing Low Sweet Chariot. I remember Ben and Jock were there in their usual seats. I had danced for them before in my house on the Charlottes, but I was very shy to dance anywhere else. I could always dance when it was with children though and I remember that they really liked this dance.

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