Week 2: A Dark and Stormy Night

From Peter Joyes, whose Dark and Stormy Night performance is still a regular at New Year’s Reflections:

My annual participation in the Haven Reflections program goes back to the Cortes Island days when The Haven on Gabriola was but a dream.

My first experience (in 1978) of the healing nature of The Haven ideas was then called the Resident Fellow Program, a three-month-long experience which convinced me to keep coming back, no matter what – I had much to learn.

Thus if I could not afford a workshop during the year, I would show up at each New Year’s Reflections program, just to keep in touch.

I love this picture. It reminds me how different my life is now. You see, before this, I had spent seventeen years as an executive in the department store business, wearing a business suit, taking work home. I am so grateful for the change – I have much to share.

Indeed it was “a dark and stormy night” from which I have emerged …

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