Week 16: Cathy and Mary get their DipCs

From Cathy McNally: This was summer of 1998. In the photo, Mary and I were doing the customary ‘walk’ together, hand-in-hand. For me, this moment is forever etched in my heart. It is hard to put words on it. How to describe arriving at a place where ‘stuff I know and do’ is – for a moment – secondary to: am I willing to put all that background and take a leap of faith that who I am is enough? – This moment indeed recognizes the courage to be me. And to arrive here in the company of a dear friend whom I have the utmost respect for, is even more juicy!

From Mary Holdgrafer: This picture brings back warm memories of the day my friend Cathy McNally and I received our Diplomas in Counselling. Cathy and I interned many programs together and it was wonderful to be recognized with her. In the intervening years we have each done many things. Our mutual regard is unwavering. Today as then I feel honoured to have walked that circle with my friend Cathy.

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