A Vision for The Haven

By Warren Fraleigh, The Haven’s Executive Director

Some of the questions I’m asked more frequently as the Executive Director are “What’s The Haven all about?” and “What’s in store for The Haven’s future?” Sounds simple right? One thing I have learned in my short time here, is that defining our purpose and talking about what we do at The Haven is complicated. Part of that challenge is that everyone who visits us has a unique and personal experience. And, as we face up to our challenges today, we do so because there has never been a more important time in the history of The Haven for us to exist. There is tremendous opportunity in front of us as an organization to make significant contributions to the world we live in. I thought I would share some of my thoughts on these questions and I would love to hear yours!

Over the last year I have come to know The Haven as a unique discovery centre that provides an inviting container for self growth and personal exploration. There is no better place to learn than in a setting that offers the luxury of nature combined with the comforts of home. Participating in Haven programs engages us in a learning process with energetic awareness that can be brought into the world to make ourselves, our families, our communities, our workplaces and our society a better place to live, work and play. We don’t just scratch the surface. We offer our participants the opportunity to dig deep into meaningful content that changes lives forever.

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard from our participants how The Haven has changed their life, and even how they may not be alive today if they had not found us! It begs the question that if we didn’t exist, then where would those people have turned? Over the years The Haven has been a turning point or catalyst for those who are seeking more in life. Their learnings then inspire them to celebrate life by helping others achieve their full human potential in the true spirit of selfless servant leadership.

I believe The Haven is part of a growing global movement that is on the precipice of breaking out. We belong to a network of similar centres from around the world that are making a difference and changing lives, families and communities. Our centres bear the responsibility of nurturing, advocating for and creating the cultural change our society needs in this day and age. Because if not us, and other organization like us, then who is better placed? Just imagine, for instance, the impact we could all have by co-creating the awareness and ability to learn from one another on issues such as diversity, inclusion and equality which are prevalent and at the forefront of society. People today are yearning for more. We crave personal enlightenment and connection with our tribes, but need help finding it. The Haven and other holistic centres offer insight and reflective opportunities to determine what is really important to us and how to bring ourselves forward to get it.

We are positioning ourselves to see the The Haven rise as a world renowned personal development centre that is full to capacity every day. Building on our unique core programming, we will inspire and attract seekers from around the globe. Our suite of complementary programming is inclusive and appeals to a diverse cross section of humanity. Our physical location and facilities create the perfect learning environment where everyone feels welcome and well taken care of. Our ability to use alternative delivery methods allows us to engage cultures in remote locations and through online learning which extends our reach into the world. We create our own abundance by continually strengthening our community and the quality of our programs.

I believe we, the Haven community, have an opportunity to lead and create a world that is a better place to live! If we are going to make the social impact we are capable of, it will require our entire community to pitch in and bang the drum together. Please join the vision by boosting, promoting and stewarding what we have to offer! Join us by sharing us with your networks, referring your friends or donating to the cause. Join us and be the change you want to see in the world.  If you are not sure what else you can do then please ask! Let’s turn this challenging time into a rally call, one that we can all participate in by bringing The Haven into the world! 

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