Things I Learned at The Haven

Kathleen Alexander first came to The Haven in 1989 as “a new, rather naive physician just starting out the practice of medicine.”

“I subsequently did all three Phase programs and many other workshops. I did some interning. I worked as a GP in Vancouver and used so much of the wisdom I learned at The Haven in my work over the years. I moved to London, England in 2009 with my husband Andrew and my children Emma and Ben. I am forever grateful for the Haven – a most magical place!”

She recently sent us the following.

Things I learned at The Haven:

  • That breathing helps me hang onto myself while in contact with others.
  • That I am much more interesting when I am being honest, rather than boasting.
  • That people like me better when I show them how much I suffer, rather than puffing up and pretending to be perfect, and smart, and superior.
  • That my body holds all sorts of wisdom.
  • That access to the wisdom is through breathing.
  • That contact with others, connection, is the only way to learn anything.
  • That everybody suffers.
  • That even those that appear to have it all together are struggling with life just like everyone.
  • That every single person on this planet, no matter what they do, or where they come from, or how smart they are, or any other measure of value that I learned from my family, is valuable and needs love.
  • That ‘B’ water makes your hair gummy.
  • That asking for help is an option.
  • That a gesture of kindness can go a long way to healing.
  • That it helps people to tell them the truth about themselves.
  • That sex and sexuality are not such a mystery.
  • That I am more open minded that I might have thought I was.
  • That hunger makes me feel angry.
  • That sleep is one of my methods of escape.
  • That when I am tight I am cold, and that when I am open I am warm.
  • That being personal is the very best method of teaching.

With love and gratitude,

Kathleen Alexander


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