Surviving the Busy Life – 2908

By Mary Helen Littleton

Mary Helen & Ellery Littleton will be offering The Survival Kit at The Haven July 5-7, 2013

Your life is too busy. You worry that you are not taking care of your emotional and physical health. You find it a challenge to overcome your inertia and actually get started on the path to restoring your sense of well-being.

Sound familiar? Well, of course it does. This is a concern shared by most of us at some time. Many people are looking for emotional, physical and spiritual sustenance to deal more effectively with the busy life, the daily grind. And the “getting started” part is the first big hurdle on the path to well-being.

“The Survival Kit” weekend program might just be the thing for you if you feel like you could use some help getting back on the path, or if you would like to learn some essential skills to help you deal more effectively with the too-busy life. The basic components of the program include:

  • yoga –stretch, breathe and give your body and mind a relaxing workout
  • meditation – open to awareness in a gentle and penetrating way
  • intensive journal-writing – a uniquely effective psychological self-care tool
  • conscious breathing & visualization – key aspects of the healing path, discussed and intimately integrated into the program
  • some aspects of zen awareness – perspectives to help bring a sharper awareness to the issues and concerns of daily life

It’s incredibly important to keep life interesting, fun and self-nourishing, and each and every one of the activities listed above will help you achieve these goals. It’s easy to forget this when you are caught up in intense work or personal issues. It may be helpful to be reminded about things you know and have practiced, but have slipped away from. If you lose this awareness, you create an opening for ennui and exhaustion to slip into your life like a bad, ugly old habit. The busy life keeps you on the surface and prevents you from looking inward to see and understand what is really going on.

In “The Survival Kit,” we offer you a place to start on – or return to – a number of healing paths. We emphasize direct learning and practice, not just theory. The program is designed to offer you a deeply relaxing and energizing experience. You can take these useful life skills and strategies home with you to help sustain a lifetime of improved heath, well-being and self-understanding.


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